A collaboration with you, Inge, Juanita and the horse.

For this meeting that takes place at free contribution,
we give a target price of 120€.

Location: Casa Kawalu: Broekmansstraat 86, Booischot

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In the encounter with a high-sensitive horse, another entrance is taken, as it were; through your emotional world you get the chance to test your own deeper knowledge, to adjust, to deal with situations in your life, to become your own conductor, to come back home to yourself and to feel what it is like to just "TO BE".

The non-verbal communication in the attitude and image of these horses reflects their nature, reflects what is in you, and what is needed for your growth. Since this mirroring has a major impact, here the importance of the horse whisperer Inge cannot be distinguished. Those who feel and know the horseshoe language, translate their reactions in such a way that they get more interpretation in your sensory body.


From our experience with these highly sensitive horses, we acknowledge the fact that there is room and time to take before meeting; that is where your body consciousness comes first. Juanita will guide you in this, which is necessary for you at that moment with one goal:

to free your body from the excess ballast of the day and the physical impediments you carry. 'meeting yourself through the highly sensitive horse'.


This can vary from a body or foot massage (reflex), tuning, dancing ... to walking / being in nature.

Massages help you achieve a better overall flow and activate the self-healing ability of the body. Your body indicates where you need additional support at that moment.

Being touched is one of our basic needs.

The love and attention with which the masseuse works are of the highest importance for obtaining a good result in this body work

There is always room for the patient to respond in his own way during the session. It is good if the patient brings his attention to the places in his body where he can feel the effect. This form of attention can alleviate pain, especially in the case of pain.

Juanita has developed her own unique approach through her years of experience in many massage techniques. Like no other she feels where pain points have attached themselves in your body and she will release them effectively so that the energy can flow freely again. Juanita is a certified masseuse and foot reflexologist and has also received numerous training in all kinds of bodywork. More about individual treatments with Juanita can be found under Shamanic Body Touch.

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All horses in Casa Kawalu have their own story. These are cast in a beautiful card game, from which you will draw your horse for the moment.

We start with a conversation and together we make an inner journey to a new vision for your situation, followed by a healing integration work 'Body awareness' with body massage and / or foot reflexology, a purification ceremony (tobacco) to release excess tension and enable deeper grounding. to make. Then comes the encounter with your soul horse.

We invite you to forward a specific question in advance to gain more insight into this and to be able to integrate it.

Working with Horses

Horses are big and powerful. They automatically attract attention. Because of their size and strength they can impress considerably with this work, and in this way form a natural opportunity to overcome fear during this weekend. These sessions with the horses are a wonderful metaphor for other challenging or intimidating situations in "real" life.


Mirroring horses, they are social beings. Interactions and relationships are literally of vital importance to them. they are very sensitive to non-verbal communication and will respond to the most subtle signal in the here and now during our presence. These responses provide us, people, information, feedback on our ways of responding and how we stand in life. This allows you to really receive and learn from the feedback you receive during this session. The lessons you receive help you to communicate and to receive your inner leader.


The work with horses happens through your senses, more specifically; through language, emotion and the body. From there, meaning is formed

We all have our story, our version, our interpretation. These horses do not know your story, they deal with what is there, with what actually happens during the Retreat. Horses do not mirror your story, but what is going on here and now.

Because of this we come to the essence more quickly, the core of the matter. You literally and figuratively can no longer ignore it: what horses mirror in the communication is inescapable and real. Horses respond from intuition or a "gut feeling". More and more neurological studies show that the ability to give meaning to information from intuition leads to making good and well-founded decisions.

You take, a leap of Faith


About Inge Wildiers:

Soul-mum of the horses, lives in Casa Kawalu in Booischot together with her family, and the herd, master-teachers in awareness, restore the connection with yourself and in relationships,

the horse as a teacher / mirror. She is shaman, specialized in working with power animals / animal medicine. She is also specialized in working with plant-teacher Tobacco / medicine.