Dear sisters, gentle brothers,

We bring you with Warmi (women) Qhari (man), a full-day program, where we first work with separate groups and then come together in a deeply binding cocoa ceremony.

At the beginning of the workshop we come together to share briefly. Then we separate the group and the men go with Marijn and the women with Juanita. What follows is an in-depth session within your sacred femininity and masculinity. We work with the spirits of the Andes as our guide.

After these in-depth sessions with our respective brothers and sisters, our groups are again melting together for a healing and connecting cocoa ceremony as a reward for our personal work: the unification between the feminine and the masculine.



Warmi Qhari session (Deinze)

  • Date: 31 October and 19 December 2018

  • Starting 12 am to 10 pm

  • Guidance: Juanita Pyl (with the women) and Marijn De Wit (with the men)

  • Price: 150 € (inl cacao ceremony) (cash only)

  • Location: Ten Bosse 78, Deinze (Shamballa)