Being touched is one of our basic needs.

The love and attention with which the masseuse works are of the highest importance for obtaining a good result in this body work

There is always room for the patient to respond in his own way during the session. It is good if the patient brings his attention to the places in his body where he can feel the effect. This form of attention can alleviate pain, especially in the case of pain.

Juanita has developed her own unique approach through her years of experience in many massage techniques. Like no other she feels where pain points have attached themselves in your body and she will release them effectively so that the energy can flow freely again. Juanita is a certified masseuse and foot reflexologist and has also received numerous training in all kinds of bodywork.


Massage stimulates blood circulation and activates the lymphatic drainage, so that waste products are discharged faster. The warm hands on your body alone stimulate the production of endorphins (substances that alleviate pain, eliminate stress, ...). Massage is wonderfully relaxing for body and soul. There is also a deeper effect on the abdominal area. In the umbilical region, stress, tension and negative emotions accumulate in such a way that they are difficult to process (digest) and eventually all other vital functions stagnate. Our organ system therefore holds many unprocessed issues and repressed emotions; this technique helps to release diseased energy and blockages in the organs / intestines. During the disconnection of the various tissue structures and their connections, poor passages, acidifications are eliminated and we get a better flow. Out of respect, the untreated parts are covered.


foot reflexology

Your feet carry you all day and do not always get the attention they deserve. You can treat your whole body through the feet. This is an old massage technique in which pressure is exerted on the reflex zones that lie on the foot in order to generate reactions in corresponding parts of the body, to dissipate waste more quickly, to absorb nutrients better. Blockages in the body that cause all kinds of complaints (disturbance in the energy flow eg headache, stomach pain, depression, ...) can be lifted and as such be adjusted in a gentle way.

Shamanic Body Touch session


The design of the session is determined during the introductory conversation. Together with the patient it is determined which treatment 'here and now' is the most benefit and will best contribute to a positive continuation of his / her path. Juanita uses her scientific knowledge of massaging as a substructure but will soon move on to an Intuitive massage, which is a holistic way of massaging. The massage is created from the heart. Which will always be different. As a result, the hands are automatically controlled and this creates an alchemy between Juanita and the patient.
With respect for your limits, let yourself touch!
The 'Body Touch' does not only affect the body. Juanita also works with your energy body, blockades, voice, song, dance, movement, ... in short; a complete Body Touch of the soul.
The treatment can start with a short massage and perhaps end with a liberating voice discovery. Juanita also uses her years of experience in Peruvian Shamanism as an undertone.

Juanita will during a first consultation eg your feet / body mapping ie the pain points do feel so that you are more conscious on your feet or in your body. A good flow allows a stronger grounding for the encounter with your soul horse. Depending on the complaints and findings about the bodywork, a follow-up plan can be drawn up.

  • The self healing system is activated and tries to restore the balance.

  • The entire person is always looked at and not only symptomatic.

  • The cause of the problem is sought in order to achieve a lasting result.

  • The session is applicable for small and large, for young and old

What does Foot Reflexology do?

  • Works deeply relaxing, both physically and psychologically

  • The immune system is strengthened

  • Self-regulating system is activated

  • Hormone level is promoted

  • Improves bowel function

  • Cleanses liver, kidneys etc.

  • Natural way to work on your health

  • Reduce pain symptoms

  • Can help with infertility problems