La Familia de La Luz

To guide you as well as possible on your path, we work together with a number of very competent people to get an even broader view on your 'story'. Their findings and / or treatments will be a very nice addition to the work we do with you. The variety of links we pass here is from therapists, lightworkers, musicians, singers, centres, healers, craftsmen, doctors, shamans...

Dr. Eduard Van den Bogaerde &
Judith Blondiau

Healing is a biological process that we follow in Integrative Medicine. The success of your healing depends on your neuroplasticity. If you believe and feel that you can change, your body will do likewise. The beautiful work of doctor Eduard Van den Bogaerde and his wife Judith Blondiau. An entirely new view of medicine through total biology.

Annemieke Verras - 1001 happy circles

I would like to come to you on any occasion, ritual or celebration. Let's make it into a 'party. And what do you think of giving a circle as a gift or giving a workshop to friends?

Chris Carpentier en Kathleen Torfs - Dryaden vzw

Two beautiful souls and good friends of ours: Chris and Kathleen. With their concept "free contribution" everyone gets the chance to do something beautiful for himself and his fellow man. For example, no one has to walk alone when life gets to you. Offer: Coaching, chakra healing, smudging of homes, massages, workshops and lectures and much more.

Sabine Baron - Amazona

Sabine Baron brings intense work with horses and the medicine plants from South America


One of the most important goals in my life is to contribute to the redemption of the suffering of all living beings and to be able to contribute to everyone's quest for a long and happy life. Specialized in: Foot reflexology, Deep massage, Relaxation / meditation, Natural dietary advice, Supplements and herbs, Lectures / courses.

Anja Goosenaerts - Anim Arpa

A good friend, a beautiful musician. Harplesses, Soundhealing, Coaching, Harp Music, Concerts and numerous creative projects.

Dieter Van Obbergen

Dieter is a multi-talented musician, sound-healer, ceremony accompanist, singer and above all a good friend. Take a look at his website to feel what he can help you with.

Steven Vrancken

He plays repetitive chords & arpeggio’s reminding you of Philip Glass, and he hums & sings along as Glenn Gould” . A brilliant musician, a good friend...always playing from the heart.

Roel Crabbé & Griet Heylen - Anam Cara

This is the project of Griet Heylen and Roel Crabbé. All their activities are aimed at bringing people into contact with their own soul connection and supporting them in the development and nurturing of a life that is supported by inspiration, joy, connectedness and strength.

Deborah Waknine

Therapist, speaker and co-author with Gerard Athias of the game "The 22 sparks of life" and the book "The Shoah inheritance" (Maintenance at the borders of a limit state). Above all she is a great friend.

Other great links

Merlyn - Patrik NIELS & Myriam CAYET

The best store in Belgium for special folkloristic and ethnic instruments from all over the world. A great place for soundhealers.