The choice of a session/treatment

The choice of a treatment / session is not made by your mind. Do 'we' actually make a choice, or does our body know in all its energetic complexity all too well the direction in which it should move to get back into balance? Your body gives the impulse and your mind carries out the instructions.
It takes commitment and strength to overcome old habits and patterns that are wearing you down.  Letting them go seams so easy in the mind but they keep coming back in different disguises.  Treating you is not about, we fixing something 'for' you.  It's more of a 'guidance', helping you to see you're path again, getting in touch with your inner source from where you can heal and create anything you want...and don't want. 


For this commitment to enforce we ask you to be in the days preceding a session to overlook your life. See and feel "where" you are now. Do you feel good about yourself? Are you where your heart is? Do you want to transform something, and are you also willing to actually take anything for it? These types of questions can bring you a clear "intention" for your treatment. An intention can be a desire, a direction that you want to move to. An intention is best simple and clear. Your subconscious does not have a long list of desires. If you ask yourself some profound questions about the meaning of your life, you'll soon reach the core, and this core is your intention.  If you stay focused this intention will become your reality, although old habits may seem to fight for their life, you just have to keep the focus on your path, and we'll help you by assisting you on this road you've chosen.

Whatever choice you make, a soundhealing,a massage, a sweat's always about the meeting between souls, the kind of treating you pick is no more than a portal, a form that is best suited for you in this time and moment to make the connection.

We start each session with a little talk, to feel where you are in your life for the moment.  From that point you may also present your wish for a certain treatment.  It could be that we suggest something else.  Together we'll come to the conclusion of what's best for you at this moment.  You can check out the list of personal sessions we offer to see where you're drawn to.  Let your heart choose.

The Light at the end of the tunnel is not an illusion. The tunnel is.
— Unknown


You can make an appointment any time (in the evening and during the day). Mail or phone us and we plan the best possible appointment for you. The personal sessions are situated in Boom. But you can also schedule an appointment just before a workshop, if the workshop in question is closer to your neighbourhood. That way we reserve the space a few hours earlier to receive you privately. If you wish, you can also join for the relevant workshop afterwards. We organise sessions at Bonheiden, Borsbeek, Deinze, Deurne and Booischot on a regular basis.

When? & Where
Every weekday between 9:30 am and 3 pm in Boom
or by appointment, we also come home.

Make a deep connection with your heart and feel to witch session you’re drawn. Besides the sessions and treatments you can choose from, we also offer a 1 year and 1/2 year plan for those who want to make a stronger engagement.